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Portagester Ltd

• Commercially exploits the patented ‘Bioplex Process” of two, three and four stage hybrid anaerobic digestion and composting.

• Anaerobic Digester upgrades. For example, by adding extra digestion stages to conventional AD plant to increase biogas (energy) production and the range of feedstock used. The grit problem, which causes digestion failure in 3 to 6 years with conventional single tank digesters, is significantly reduced.

• The UK and Ireland partner of Snow Leopards Projects, whose digesters range from 250kW to 2MW electrical output, some have been operating successfully for over 10 years. Existing AD plants could be converted to two stage with a 20% increase in efficiency and decrease in running costs, see

• Development of anaerobic digesters for smaller communities and “family sized farms” e.g. 120 to 150 cows and several hundred acres.

• Optimising the uses of digestate e.g. natural slow release fertiliser, fibre for solid fuel or animal bedding.

• Designing and supplying AD plant that is transportable and modular.